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Quality assurance.

With us, quality assurance starts with material management. You gain valuable decision criteria for further processing, by taking account of laboratory analyses and raw material properties. We ensure homogeneous malt quality by controlling and regulating the process parameters during steeping, germinating and kilning.

  • Material management (silo management, receiving and dispatch)
  • Batch tracking: Documentation of supplier details, laboratory data, process data
  • Operation data acquisition

Increase energy efficiency and profitability.

New malts and small purchase quantities, inevitably lead to rethinking in malt production. Automation and/or modernisation of your control and visualisation systems, significantly contribute to increasing the profitability of your malthouse. Issues like energy recovery and batch tracking are integral parts of our automation solutions.

... as if it were our own.



We carefully scrutinise your existing plant technology and local conditions. Thereby, we offer you advice with a clear objective: economic, sustainable and sensible optimisation of your plant.


Based on the inventory and your vision, we develop a tailor-made automation concept. Either for the entire process or for a sub-function.


We take care of modernisation, expansion or complete redesigning of your control and visualisation systems.


Our experts ensure smooth commissioning. We reduce downtimes to a minimum in close coordination with your employees.


We assist you with regular services and maintenance - whether automated through us or not. 24 hours on 365 days upon request.

The latest MES systems for more transparency in your malting plant

MES – a real gamechanger in malting operations. See how you can utilize your processes more effectively and plan your resources more efficiently with the Opcenter solutions from Siemens, designed to meet your requirements.

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Your Contact Person

Peter Stingl

Tel.: +49 9131 927 96-0

Your Contact Person

Peter Stingl

Tel.: +49 9131 927 96-0


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